Zombie Stars Design.

About three months ago I was approached by a member of a band named Zombie Stars. They asked if I’d design a logo for them. They referenced some avatar icons I had done as a style they liked. So I quoted the job for them and long story short it scared them off. I liked the name so much however, I went ahead and sketched out this design.

I enjoy drawing and doodling with Adobe Ideas on my iPad, but you could never use it to seriously create a precise vector graphic since it has no traditional bezier tools or controls in it.

One simple to use app I’ve discovered that does give you precision control for vector building is called InkPad. I was very impressed with this app and decided to take my unused sketch and see how well I could build the core vector content on my iPad.

Refreshing Simple UI.

Before I get too far into this post I should mention that I’m using a BoxWave Stylus with my iPad.

I found the UI in InkPad refreshingly simple. Uncluttered, void of needless feature bloat and extremely intuitive as well. Obviously not as robust of a vector building app as Adobe Illustrator it does allow you to build your core vector shapes with relative ease and precision.

I took a scan of my drawn sketch and DropBoxed it to my iPad. Placing it inside InkPad I went about building my vector shapes using my Vector Basic Training methods.. (Sans plugins of course)

Final B&W Vector Art.

Once I had my final B&W vector art I exported out a PDF and did the finishing work inside Adobe Illustrator. The whole process went very smoothly but in truth the build time did take longer on the iPad than it would have on my iMac but that is mainly because I’d never used the app before.

At this point I’m not sure how or if this will ever work into my normal day to day work flow, but it’s nice to know I have it available in a pinch and I do plan on attempting a full-blown illustration using the app to see how far I can take it at some point too.

Zombie Stars Garments.

Zombie Stars Garments & Poster

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