Batch of custom type logo designs.

It’s always a busy month when Glitschka Studios makes a left turn at August. We were happy to be notified that “21″ logo designs we created will appear in the next book incarnation (book 7) of Logo

I suppose on some level this means a bumper crop soon awaits picking by logo harvester John Williams I suppose? But I digress.

Based the first batch shown above I was surprised by how many of my custom logotype designs got picked to be in the next book. I love doing hand lettering so I was happy to see them be included.

Diverse batch of various logo designs.

Some may notice I didn’t post all “21″ designs. That’s because I just don’t like the other seven that much. That may be due to the fact I’ve looked at them too many times and even though the clients I designed them for liked the work I had done for them, I’d prefer not to show it on my site.

I covered this in my presentation at HOW Design in Chicago this past summer. I strongly believe graphic designers are victims of the graphic precedent they show. I want to sell my creative potential, not the marginal so why show work I really don’t feel is my best work?

In any regard that’s my personal creative conviction for why I decided not to display the other seven designs in this post.

Truth be told, most of my favorite logo designs over the years don’t get picked to be in the Logo Lounge books? This kind of frustrates me, but they’ll always get top billing on my own site so it’s not big deal.

Some of my Logo Lounge no-shows can be found in this PDF Logo Sheet. Fly, Shadow Meter, Play Flag Football, and Free Speech all got the big shun.

But I’m not surprised by what gets picked to appear in the Logo Lounge books. That’s because I was a judge for Logo Lounge book 5 and had to go through 4,000 marks and rate each of them. The process was exhaustive and very well thought out.

So regardless of the final cut, I’m really honored to be included in the design industries top publication for brand logo design.

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