The Original and Offical Ass Hat.

Everyone at one point or another has known someone whose behavior has warranted others to label them as an ass. This familiar nomenclature has been used in many cultures around the globe proving that idiots are a universal reality.

About six years ago I heard someone use a new term in reference to politicians and that was “AssHat.” There are several common meanings for this term according to the Urban Dictionary, but when I think of those deserving the moniker of AssHat I picture them being the type that ignores common sense, insists on their way regardless of how unreasonable or fair it is and contrary to overwhelming evidence and logic they firmly hold to their ignorance. Thus they are indeed AssHats.

The AssHat Award Certificate.

AssHat Award
Since we’re forced to deal with people and the institutions they run who demonstrate undisputed AssHat behavior I felt it was time to design an award in their honor. The AssHat Award Certificate is a simple way you can acknowledge this infamous demographic and let them know they deserve recognition.

Instructions: Just click the “AssHat Award Certificate” link below, fill in the name of the recipient receiving the AssHat Award and then you’ll be able to download the PDF, print the PDF or email the PDF.

Fillout Form: AssHat Award Certificate

Customize your own AssHat photos.

AssHat Editable PSD File
Download this Adobe Photoshop (CS5) file and create your own custom AssHat photo. Our one size fits all AssHat smart object will allow you to scale it up or down to fit your recipients noggin.

Download: AssHat PSD File

AssHat Web Badges
Use these badge graphics to link to this page or link to the AssHat Award Certificate.

- Large AssHat Badge
- Small AssHat Badge

My AssHat Recipient Archive
- Grand Island School Board
- Fairfax County Bureaucrats
- UK Judicial System
- Utah State Officials
- Scripps Health
- AssHats-O-Plenty
- U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf
- HP for their iMac Rip-Off
- Dr. Verenice Gutierrez
- Infringing Weasels at Disney
- Town of Clover, SC
- Baltimore Ravens AKA Copyright Infringers
- Priority Chevrolet, Virginia
- Wiley Publishing
- TriHealth

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