Jolly St. Nick AKA Santa. (View Larger Image Here.)

I’ve illustrated a lot of different things over the last 20 years or so but never Santa Claus? (At least none that I can remember) I’ve done elves and even Jack Frost but never the guy from the North Pole?

I love Christmas and all it truly stands for. I know the character Santa is more a part of the commercial side of the season but hey, I grew up watching all those cheesy stop frame animations each year and loved them. Land of misfit toys and all the other fun memorable characters and stories. So I decided to finally create the fat man himself this year.

Santa Wallpaper.

Not sure I’ll squeeze in another post before the end of the year? If I don’t I wish everyone a merry Christmas and I’ll see you on the flip side. (Unless of course the Mayans were correct)

My present to you: A stinkload of Jolly St. Nick wallpapers you can download. Enjoy!

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Santa’s Publicity Shot
By Von Glitschka

Santa Claus has suffered some bad publicity over the last few holiday seasons. Two winters ago an expose was done by an investigative news team looking into elf rights violations and accusations of elf enslavement. These were immediately denied by Mr. Claus in an angry truncated interview.

Further investigation by the news media revealed poor working conditions at the North Pole toy factory. One elf was quoted as saying:

“We have to wear these damn green leggings 24/7! When I sit on a hard wooden bench for an ungodly amount of hours carving a dumb-ass wooden toy for a kid who’d rather get an iPad mini it chaffs something awful!”

Shortly after the holidays that year several lawsuits were filed accusing Mr. Claus of releasing dangerous wooden toys into the market that could potentially harm children. Mr. Claus at first denied there was any problem and proclaimed the allegations to be unfounded. A few days later however he issued a recall followed by a press leak that blamed the toy snafu on disgruntled elves related to the previous investigative report.

This enraged the North Pole elf community and what followed was a protracted elf strike shutting down all production at the North Pole toy factory for several months which would eventually cause severe shortages for next seasons deliverables.

Right when things were beginning to get back to normal for Mr. Claus, new food control restrictions inspired by New York City sugar laws were passed in the North Pole. Not being able to buy his favorite soda, Mr. Claus resorted to nefarious methods and spent a night in jail when he was caught trying to smuggle seven cases of Dr. Pepper by reindeer out of Canada.

As the new season approached Mr. Claus found himself entangled in a new controversy when the federal government required a TSA check point be installed at the North Pole sleigh port. One altercation with TSA erupted when Mr. Claus accused TSA of groping him after opting out and he put the TSA agent in a head lock and claimed loudly

“Get your dirty mittens off my chest nuts!”

A video of the altercation was uploaded to YouTube and went viral within hours quickly becoming an auto-tune meme.

Due to the previous elf strike, the rise of online shopping via internet retailers and a bad economy Mr. Claus saw his Christmas profits plummet to the worst levels ever. By new years Mrs. Claus had filed for divorce and images of her clubbing with the Jolly Green Giant soon appeared on TMZ.

This year has been relatively quiet for Mr. Claus and he’s re-focused his efforts and is ready for this Christmas season like never before. To help get everyone in the mood he hired North Pole Marketing to help revive his public image of being a jolly St. Nick. And they hired me to illustrate a fun, festive portrait of the big guy and that is what you see above.

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