5ive Minute Logo.

5ive Minute Logo
Fast food, fast cars, fast women, and now fast logo design!
Why shouldn’t logo design be instantly gratifying? It should be! Life’s too short to waste time on complex and costly logo design projects. I’ve solved this problem while making the whole process fast and easy!
How it Works
For $5 I’ll take 5ive minutes and become your short order design cook and whip you up a tasty visual morsel before you can say “Craptacular!”

The www.5MinuteLogo.com home page.

The Story Behind the Site
Last spring I was sitting in our living room, drawing on my iPad hanging out with my family when an idea hit me. “What if I used my iPad to draw out a logo design in five minutes?” I chuckled to myself and sketched out the logo above. I thought there was a genesis of an idea here but soon forgot about it.

The day after Thanksgiving on “Black Friday” I remembered my idea and decided to give it a test run. I tweeted this message: “Black Friday logo price slash. $5 for a 5 minute logo for the next 24hrs! Quality marks via my iPad…”

By the end of the day I had drawn over 45 logos. That is when I decided it needed it’s own web site and thus www.5MinuteLogo.com was born.

The side effect of too much drawing.

5ive Minute Logo Goes Viral
I launched the site late one night posting a few links on Facebook. The next morning I awoke and 38 people had already ordered a 5ive Minute Logo. I chuckled sat my iPhone down and took a shower. I got out of the shower and start brushing my teeth and checked my iPhone again and discovered there were now 48 logo orders. That’s when I thought “Uh oh.”

Over the next 48 hrs I’d get over a 120 orders and the joke would be on me. They were coming in faster than I could draw them and I was heading into a weekend with nothing on my horizon other than drawing cheap-ass logos for people in Scotland, Romania, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, London etc. It was nuts.

I had no choice but to pull the site down over the weekend and posted the above splash page graphic.

Good Creative Habit
I view these logo designs as creative exercises for me. I have a limited time frame (5 minutes) and I try not to take the easy way out. (The web site explains everything in far more detail than I’m doing in this post) I figure I’d be drawing anyway on my iPad so I might as well fuel my coffee habit at the same time.

People went ape over the site.

250+ Logos and Counting
So far since the site launched I’ve done over 250 logos. Right now I have three sitting in my inbox I’ll do tomorrow. The following showcase some examples of my 5ive Minute Logos.

The Jones Family Logo.

Jonesing for a Logo
It’s been interesting to see who orders these. Of course most of my commentary on the site is highly sarcastic and most understand the humor and play along with it. Some however I think fail to see it’s humor and think it’s a serious business service? That’s fine I just don’t clue them in.

Harry flexing his upper case “J.”

This mark is a personal one for a guy named Harry who enjoys bodybuilding.

Miles Davis linear style.

I experiment with styles as much as I can when I create these. This one was a no-brainer being blues music, so I used a linear line style to give it a Blue Note feel.

Branding the end of the world.

One guy branded a party he was throwing which combining a friends birthday and the Mayan dooms day into one event. He even created a banner using a 5ive Minute Logo.

Improving logo design.

Taking seemingly mundane topics and trying to create something interesting is always the challenge when you have a time frame of 5ive minutes.

Conference logo.

Even though the site is a joke it’s generated some good raw ideas that could be elaborated on further in reality. One person to order a logo was a creative director of a well known toy brand. They loved my 5ive Minute Logo and want to work with me now on some serious projects in the year to come. Awesome!

Behold the Arse Face.

This is one of my favorite 5ive Minute Logos so far! Who wouldn’t love an “Arse Face?”

If you’d like to get more information about getting your own logo done visit www.5MinuteLogo.com, and if you’d like to view more samples visit the 5ive Minute Logo facebook page.

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